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“I’ve been a tech company entrepreneur since I dropped out of college in 1996. I am fascinated by technology, and love the ability to turn ideas into reality with a handful of keystrokes.

I spent all of my adult life creating, building, and selling my own companies. I learned early in my career, I thrive on the chaos of the startup world, and get bored quickly running established companies. So, I dream something up, build it, prove product-market fit, get it making a little revenue, then hand it over to a strategic to invest in scaling it.

In late 2018, I was about to turn 40, and decided to take a look at our ‘playbook’ for building companies, and see if I could find a better way to do it. By creating a centralized, shared team of A-players, I could share the cost of Enterprise tools and team with multiple projects instead of just one, changing the game. I went out and recruited my best people from the last 15 years, and RELENTLESS was born!

Why the name RELENTLESS? After building a dozen businesses, and supporting dozens more, I tried to look back and determine the #1 most essential characteristic required to be successful. It’s not ‘genius’ or ‘educated’, which are things that help, but it was a RELENTLESS spirit and attitude that gets people through the emotional and physical rigors of building a business.

BE RELENTLESS my friends!”

Alex Minicucci, CEO/Founder

Geoff Chaney LinkedIn

Geoff Chaney
Partner | Portfolio Manager

Oversees the strategy and execution of our portfolio companies

Charles Neale Gerencser LinkedIn

Charles Neale Gerencser
Partner | Business Development

Drives new business and partnerships

Katie Scofield LinkedIn

Katie Scofield
VP of Operations

Manages the day-to-day operations

Eli Balaban LinkedIn

Eli Balaban
VP of Sales Operations

Oversees sales operations for RVS companies

Eric Payton LinkedIn

Eric Payton
VP of Development

Oversees development for RVS companies

Dave Banta LinkedIn

Dave Banta
Creative Director

Ensures that what we do looks good. Enough said.

Awards: 40 under 40, Success Magazine, Inc 5000, Top 20 under 40, Deloitte Tech Fast 500

Companies & Strategic Partners We Work With

C-Suite Network
Toba Capital

Our Portfolio


Cloud software that runs your LinkedIn outreach and handles time-intensive LinkedIn prospecting tasks for you – all day, every day.

Acquired in 2021 Website
Best Franchise Networks

Best Franchise Networks has identified a new untapped market for Franchise sales, encompassing 700K+ overlooked qualified buyers

Founded in 2021 Website
SALESTARS / Premiere Onboard

SALESTARS builds epic sales careers through direct candidate and employer engagement, and a unique career fitting analysis.

Invested in 2021 Website
The Dealer Grid is a dealer-to-dealer inventory solution allowing dealers nationwide to buy, sell, and wholesale vehicles

Invested in 2020 Website
The Restaurant Heroes

The Restaurant Heroes trains and certifies local Restaurant Advisors to help restaurants succeed in exclusive markets nationwide

Founded in 2020 Website
Vitality Corporate Fitness

A corporate health & fitness solution that works! 1-on-1 communication from the top Fitness Coaches in the country

Founded in 2020 Website
C-Suite Coaching

C-Suite Coaching simplifies and automates lead generation and client communication for business coaches

Founded in 2020 Website
OFF DAY Trainer

A platform designed to help fit pros and health clubs scale their businesses via automated messaging and communications management

Acquired in 2018 Website
RELENTLESS Sales Automation

Outbound call center capabilities to organizations nationwide, powered by proprietary lead-gen software

Acquired in 2018
SMS Masterminds

Connects merchants and consumers through its suite of services that includes digital engagement, mobile marketing and consumer review management

Acquired in 2018 Sold in 2018

Online restaurant management software designed by real restaurant owners. Powers everything from scheduling and inventory to team messaging

Invested in 2018 Website

JoyMonster REPLACES annoying pop-up banners, videos and interstitial ads with interactive rewards placed natively into gameplay

Invested in 2018 Website

Mavrek is an interactive web application that provides a streamlined solution fore executing small business transactions

Invested in 2018 Website

Giftbar is the fastest and easiest way to gift all the important people in your life, while supporting the best independent merchants in your city

Acquired in 2018 Website
Coming Soon
Acquisition Pending