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Here at RELENTLESS, we value relationships. If we can help you, we will, and don’t mind a little love in return. 

For about 4 years now, we’ve had our ‘invite-only’ RELENTLESS INSIDERS group, which is comprised of mostly local (San Luis Obispo, Ca) business owners, investors and advisors. We share deal flow, offer each other help, and at a regular interval, gather at our Founder’s home to eat sushi, drink wine, listen to a handful of business pitches, and network.

We are expanding the ‘INSIDERS’ to include top-tier professionals around the world who wish to stay engaged with RELENTLESS on a regular basis. We’ll send regular emails with companies we’re looking to buy or sell, as well as any compelling business development opportunities. We will also be doing a variety of in-person events, from the networking at our Founder’s home to an annual summit in Las Vegas.

If you sign up, please be complete so we can send you relevant communication based on your needs. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.