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We Sell Companies

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Whether you’re an individual looking for a business to run, or a firm who buys companies regularly, buying a company is a time consuming and rigorous process.

70% of deals fail due to lack of preparation and experience.

ALL of the RELENTLESS portfolio companies are or will be for sale at some point. Our goal is to complete our objective within 2-3 year, then find the right strategic buyer to scale the company to the next level.

Deals are never easy, but working with an experienced and well-prepared team can make it far less of a chore and ensure a timely, cost-effective closing.

When you buy a RELENTLESS company, you’ll know immediately you are dealing with an experienced M&A team that values time and efficiency.

Properly Crafted Offers

First, we will achieve clarity at the LOI level, avoiding many headaches often caused by vague or ambiguous offers language or lacking details.

Due Diligence

Next, we will be prepared for proper due diligence:

  • Technical review at the CTO level
  • Platform documentation and release notes
  • Well documented Internal procedures (SOPs)
  • Organized asset list including any IP
  • Clean client lists and income history
  • Accounting in order, per GAAP
  • Corporate docs, CAP table, and compliance items in order

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Accurate Schedules

As documents get put together, accurate schedules on the APA/SPA are essential. Client lists, any A/R, IP, or other key components must be well articulated.

Transition Services

One of the best parts about buying a company from RELENTLESS is that we design them to be sold! This means our companies are relatively lean, sharing our core team to operate daily. From here, we can build around your needs in a well crafted Transition Services Agreement.

  • You have an engineering team, great! Our team will train yours.
  • You need a customer service rep, we can help you find and train one.
  • You want us to handle tech for 6 months? Sure, we can do that too.


In some cases, our founder (if an invested company) will be available to transition with the company should you desire it. Our executive team can be retained to continue business development or ongoing strategic advisory.