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Build Your Business

MAGIC happens when an idea becomes a reality.

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How many times have you sat with a group of friends and shared that ‘perfect idea’, only to take another swig of your beer and tell yourself that it’s too much work or you don’t know where to start.

Well, you just found the START.

We are experts at starting businesses. From business plan to live software, logo design to merchant account, we can build your business from A-Z, then hand over the keys.

Our business development package is full service, we work with you to beat up your idea to ensure maximum opportunity for success.


We start with several business development sessions to understand your concept, your goals, and quite frankly, whether you have what it takes to make it happen. Sometimes we’re worth the money because we talk people OUT of starting their own business.

From there, we RESEARCH. We must become experts in the space you wish to conquer in order to understand how to build and execute a tactical plan of action.

Then we create a PLAN. This will be anchored by detailed financial modeling layout out as many variables as possible that will impact success. Sometimes the idea is good, but the economics just don’t follow.

From there, we REVIEW AND AGREE on the path forward. Then it gets real.

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Learn more by submitting your info to talk to a biz dev expert about your project:

We will drive the creation of every element of your business until you are fully functional. This often includes, but is not limited to:

  • Picking the right name
  • Logo and collateral design
  • Website design
  • Launch of all major social media pages
  • Establish digital footprint (listing on relevant industry portals)
  • Platform development, which includes several key development milestones:
    • High level functional spec
    • Detailed technical spec
    • System design & architecture
    • UI/U design
    • Basic mockup design
    • Living mockup design
    • Development server & testing
    • Live production & QA
  • Email setup and config
  • Data room setup and config
  • CRM tool setup with client automations
  • Landing page designs
  • Lead generation setup
  • Sales team development (playbook, script, time management)
  • Customer service portal w/ rep SOPs
  • Accounting system setup
  • Bank account setup
  • Corporate setup (LLC/INC)
  • Merchant account setup
  • Training for the new CEO
  • Transition services as needed for new CEO

This is not cheap, but it will be done better and faster than anyone else out there. If you have the capital, and want your dream turned into a turnkey business in rapid order, this is the package for you.