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Get a deal done FAST!
We're buyers, not brokers

There are many reasons for selling your software company:

  • You prefer startups, getting bored with this one
  • Multiple projects, time to focus
  • Retirement, life is good
  • Struggling too much, need to make a change
  • Like the income, but prefer a one-time payout
  • Partner dispute, can't get along
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We understand these things — we're software company entrepreneurs ourselves.

We're always on the hunt for the perfect software company to fold into our portfolio.

Our typical preference is to buy your company outright, but in some cases:

  • We invest capital
  • We partner share our resources (C-Suite team, call center, engineers)
  • We refer you to someone who might be interested (we have a network of great investors and entrepreneurs we can refer you to)

We are not brokers, we're tech guys who understand there's a time when a sale is the best option. We will consider all aspects of your story, platform, revenues, relationships, and come up with a fair proposal to make it a win-win.

We move fast and can get deals done quickly. We're not going to outsource due diligence or have a broker middle our communication.

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For a no-obligation, confidential consultation from one of our partners, please fill out the form below. Give as much or as little information as you’re comfortable with. We will not share this information with anyone. The more you provide, the more we can prepare before our call.